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Parent-Tot class is for ages 18 months - 2+ years old and allows the parents to be on the floor. This is a great way to introduce gymnastics to your toddler. It is an active and engaging class as well as teaching the beginning phases of coordination, waiting your turn, and listening to an instructor.


In the Little Dreamers Preschool Academy, kids will experience hands-on learning in a fun, interactive environment. Preschool skills will include basic knowledge of shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet, social skills, an hour of structured preschool gymnastics, & and so much more! 
Tumble Bears
Tumble Bears is a fantastic class for 2-4-year-olds, it's a very interactive class that incorporates the basics of gymnastics, how to interact with other children, and listen to the instructor. Gaining physical fitness while having a great time with all the pre-school gymnastics equipment that is available.

Tumble Bears

Pre-team is available for ages 4 and up. Pre-team is an exciting, challenging level to gain intermediate gymnastics skills. It will also prepare your child for competitive team gymnastics while learning the routines and skills needed for team on all events.


Gymnastics Classes

Level 1 is available for ages 5 and up. Level 1 is a fun, introductory class for gymnastics.


The children in these classes will learn basic gymnastics skills in all events as well as learn the basics of strength and flexibility. With many classes offered after school hours, there will be one that will fit into your schedule.

Level 2 is available for girls classes, ages 5 and up. Level 2 is a fun and great stepping stone in their gymnastics to challenge them as they are beginning to master the basics in all events. It increases knowledge in strength, flexibility, and the next level of gymnastics skills.

Level 1 & 2

Hot Shots is available for ages 3-4 years old. Hot Shots is perfect for littles who are beginners. 

Hotshots a fun and challenge their coordination, flexibility, and strength. HotShots offers a pathway for young gymnasts to reach their goals and gain the confidence needed for competitions. The Hotshot classes are designed to help younger gymnasts reach our competitive team at a young age.

Hot Shots 1, 2 & 3

Ninja Classes
Ninja Park Fitness

The Ninja Park Fitness program is open to ages 3 and up with no experience required. Students will gain strength, balance, agility, and spatial awareness, Ninja Park Fitness will take you to the next level of fitness. Little Ninjas (ages 3-5) and Junior Ninjas (ages 6 & up)  Classes are offered Tuesday-Friday during the afternoon. 

Ninja Park Fitness

Competitive Team Programs

Arizona Dreams offers an extensive competitive team. This is a fast-growing highly competitive program that excels in meets all over the region. We are the only gym in the area that has produced college scholarship athletes.

  • Level 2-5 Compulsory Team

  • Level 6-10 Optional Team

  • International Team Athletes


Elite Gymnastics & international Team members

Arizona Dreams offers a  Developmental Program for athletes that shows what it takes to become an Elite competitor. Athletes are invited to participate in this program. Arizona Dreams has had 2013, 2014, and 2022 TOPS and Devo National Team members. Coaches and athletes have participated in the National Team Camps. If you are a dual citizen of another country, you can compete for that country after you reach level 10.

Gymnastics Classes


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Gymnastics Classes

Here at Arizona Dreams, we offer the most extensive team program in the area due to our coaching staff. We offer through level 10 with our coaches having over 50 years of coaching experience combined. Our Head coach Summer Andrew along with Heather Davis and Van Talingting is dedicated to offering the highest quality of team gymnastics and has coached over 10 gymnasts that have gone on to attain college scholarships. All our coaches are dedicated to maintaining a healthy, hardworking atmosphere and offering gymnasts the drills, technique, and coaching knowledge needed for your child to take gymnastics to the next level.​

  • Coach Summer has coached with Bela Karolyi, and Steve Nunno, trained under many Russian Coaches as well as coaching 5 girls to college scholarships, and was a Certified compulsory Judge in Utah for years.

  • Coach Heather has dedicated her life to Prescott Gymnastics, and coached many Regional champions, as well as a gymnast who went on to a college scholarship.

  • Coach Van is a member of the national staff for the Philippines' national women's team and has moved here to work along with the staff at AZ Dreams. 

  • Coach Analiza assists coach summer with the optionals on beam and coaches the level 4-7s

Team Coaches

Competitive Cheer Teams

AZ Dreams offers two competitive cheer teams for ages 5-18. We are committed to offering a healthy, fun environment for our athletes. Training consists of two days a week during off season and three days during competition season. Come try for free today!

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